When is Ramadan 2019 in Dubai?

Dubai is undoubtedly one of the prime destinations to spend Ramadan month. The reason for that is that you can be as much of a tourist over there during the Ramadan month but, at the same time you will be able to pay all due respect to this blessed month. “when is Ramadan 2019 in Dubai” has to be answered right away as many people actually plan a trip to Dubai during the first feel, the mid-week or the last week of Ramadan (preferably to spend Eid) in the most fun city of the Emirates. The reason why it is thought that despite being such a cosmopolitan city Dubai still pays the greatest respect to the Ramadan month is that none of the local eateries are open before iftar time.

When is Ramadan 2019 in Dubai

The answer to “when is Ramadan 2019 in Dubai” is that this year the holy month will come with the major blessing and festivities like every year to this fun-filled city on the 15th of May which happens to be a Thursday. This date has been confirmed so far to be the “tentative” date as according to the lunar sightings, it could change but the change would obviously not be a big one. It will only change from a day or two. If you want to live the true Arab life during the Ramadan month then plan a trip to Dubai in the month of fasting that is, Ramadan. It is best if you stay at a hotel so that you get to have a glimpse of the true hospitality of the Arabs during this blessed month.

As a local resident, many people get extremely excited in Dubai whenever it is time for the month of Ramadan to begin. This is the major reason why they keep on asking “when is Ramadan 2019 in Dubai” as there are super amazing deals at malls that you can find on all grocery items. The city takes a shape of a magical garden and many tourists who want to see Dubai amidst the beauty of Ramadan festivities really grace the whole atmosphere which is, of course, adored by everyone living in Dubai or even those who are just visiting.

If you are still confused about whether or not it would be a good idea to spend Ramadan in Dubai, stop thinking right away as you will automatically fall in love with what the place has to offer you in terms of its Muslim culture and rich food. Seher and iftar at the Dubai restaurants are just scrumptious which us why many people who are actually planning to visit Dubai plan it around the month of Ramadan. This is where the crucial question of “when is Ramadan 2019 in Dubai” comes into play. Dubai seems like an altogether different lace when you visit it around the month of Ramadan and it would actually help you live the true Islamic, rather an Arab spirit of this month of blessing and festivities in the land of luxuries.

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When is Ramadan 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 in Dubai?

Year Date Day Holiday
2019 5 May Sun Beginning of Ramadan
2020 23 April Thu Beginning of Ramadan
2021 12 April Mon Beginning of Ramadan
2022 2 April Sat Beginning of Ramadan

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